Vleck Sternluge

Character Info

Nicknames None
Age 222 But looks 12
Species Vampire
Gender Male
Nationality Romanian
Height 5'6
Body Type Thin
Hobbies/Interests Danceing, Singing, gloating
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Vleck Sternlouge is a 222 year old vampire. He is one of the oldest vampires around that haven't been killed by vampire slayers long ago. He is known to call younger vampires the 'youngins.' Oddly, due to him being born a vampire instead of being turn into one, his aging has stopped at 13 after he bacame a full vampire. Being born a vampire has also made him slightly stronger than most for he learns skills faster. He gloats about how old and how powerful he is, yet he often doesn't show it, as he usually cowars out of a serious situation. He is also a very childish and fruity person and is said to be bisexual. He has a strange fetish with dressing as a girl.

Knowing no other life beside vampirism, he is often very curious of humans and other races. Though as a child, he used to play with the human kids because his he wasn't a full vampire so he had no weakness, perks or signs of vampirism. He is very open to the fact that he is a vampire as well. He dresses in very 1700th century attire that almost makes it obvious what his is.


Vleck was born in a small community of vampires on February 10, 1790. In this community, though, it was forbidden for a full vampire couple to have a child like his parents did. They had a rule against children being vampires, and it was a well known fact that children who are a vampire, do not have all of their powers until the age of 13. At that point, they become immortal and stop aging. The community shunned Vleck's family, saying that Vleck being a child vampire was dangerous.

Vleck would often hide from the ridicule by running of to the local village. There, he played with a little girl there and she soon became his friend. Before he got his powers, you could barely tell he was a vampire. But soon, he 13th birthday arrived, and he became a full vampire. There was no hiding it now. The day after, he went to go play with his friend, but when she saw him, she panicked and warned the other villagers. The villagers attempted to kill Vleck. He tried to run home, but doing so resulted in the villagers discovering the vampire community. Vleck managed to hide as the villagers attacked the houses. he was in hiding for hours. When everything was quiet again, he came out. When he did, he saw that everyone was gone, including his parents. He ran off, away from the village, away from the old community and someplace far away.


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