Ellaina Online RP

"This mysterious player known as V1R4, or Vira, appears occasionally in the world. She's notable by her odd clothing which don't fit the theme of the game and aren't accessible by other players. When she isn't just watching them from afar, she likes to confront the players, by either helping them or creating an obstacle, depending on her mood. How she gets her abilities and teleports around is unknown and some players believe she is cheating, while others believe she could be an administrator. She tends to follow those of special classes more often for some reason."

Vira is the antagonist of the Ellaina Online RP. She single-handedly created the entire world of Ellaina Online, and then used her powers of reality bending to bring the players into the game. Her main goal is to trap the players an watch them suffer as the helplessly try to escape her world. Vira is the one true overseer of Ellaina, and has a very strict no cheating rule. She has the ability to 'ban' players, which deletes their bodies, now made of code, thus erasing their existence. Being banned is the one true threat in a world where death is not permanent.

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