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  • Sumaes01

    Roleplay RP

    February 13, 2013 by Sumaes01

    Part one of hopefully many parts to come.

    • Sign-Ups - [1]
    • Part One - you are here.
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  • Sumaes01

    Yeah, I know. Most creative title in the world.

    SO ANYWAY, the characters you sign up for this RP have all been kidnapped and taken to a Target (which is a popular line of malls for all of you non-Americanos). Other then the characters you sign up, there is no one else there. All of the potential exits have been barred up and locked with solid titanium. They need to use the supplies provided in the store to try and get out alive. Worst of all, they must also learn to get along.

    I made this RP to introduce and play around with some of my new-ish OC's since the other one's already here didn't really suit them. Yes yes.

    • Name: What are they called?
    • Gender: Do they got the D or the V?
    • Age: How long have they existed in this universe?
    • Biography: Just a b…

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  • Sumaes01

    All information can be found at the Sign-Ups. You may begin RPing, but no firsts, as usual.

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  • Sumaes01

    This is my first roleplay on the Wonderous Wiki. It's an RP that's all about vampires, the creatures of the night. Do vampires really die in sunlight? What happens when a vampire and a human have a baby? Do vampires go to special schools? Will they only come into your house if you invite them to? Will you turn into a vampire if you are feeded from? Do they have reflections? Do they really sleep in coffins? How do you kill a vampire? Are their vampire hunters out there? All these questions and more will be answered in this RP.

    Welcome to Snowy Heights, a town settled in the mountains northwest of New York. There has supposedly been many yeti and bigfoot sightings, but it's not like those creatures are real. The supernatural creatures that ar…

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