Okay. I am pissed off about my new busing situation

The situation is, in my alternative school, we get kids from several districts. our van picks up my district. While on our way to school, we drove by a kids house that was on the way. He wasn't in our district but we were asked to pick him up cause he was the only kid from there.

Well, then the kid moves.... to a town 20 miles out of the way of hour normal route! Our bus driver, takes it upon himself to change the route WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM HIS HIGHER UPS and made a route that takes an HOUR AND A HALF!

Now here's the fun part. Our bus driver is 80 something years old. He's mean and senial and only drives at less the 30 miles under the speed limit. I am also crammed onto that bus for a long time with noising kids I HATE and cause drama. The stress of just knowing that in oder to go home after school, I have to sit in a cramped van doing nothing for an hour and a half is enough to make me break down crying. I may be slightly claustrophobic even though I love me small room.

The worst part is, school ends at 2:45 and I don't get home till 4:30. Many teachers and parent and other staff are working they're butts off to fix this. It's just not right having to sit there for so long just for a kid WE SHOULDN"T EVEN PICK UP! I'm gonna be out of school tommarrow till this problem is fixed.

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