This is the first official blog of the Wonderous wiki. I guess it's going to be kinda quiet here since no one knows about it yet. I am in the process of handing out links to the members I have personaly chosen. If you choose to be member of my wiki, all you have to do is comment here. Now, you may make blogs freely. What ever subject you want as long as I accept it when I read it. I will also alow forums and stuff for like, if you want to put up a 'forum page' for your own OCs. I know Julia won't need this option scince she too already has a wiki like this one. I got the idea from her. If she can do it, well.... so can I..... flip....

So yeah... here you go. have at it. I will be slowly working on the pages and stuff but if you could help out iwht spelling or grammer issues (cause I suck at that) or help with some designes or templates that would be greatly appreatiated.

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