This is the RP I chose to do.


Welcome to the Magic Acadamy. It's located in the beautful grassy areas of the Magical Realm. Come here, to learn the ways of magic and sorcery and someday become a great wisard. The head master is also the one and only, Marlin. Not Merlin, but Marlin...... yeah.... >_> But anyways, students will be able to free roam the magical realm to enhance they're magic leearning. Just... be careful.


Sign up stuff. You know the drill.

Name: (Put your full name here)

Age: (how old are you.)

Appearance: (put a picture of what you look like.)

Skills: (What skills do you have before coming here)

Decription: (Same thing as a bio. If you have a character with a page on this wiki, you just have to post the link to the page and put down some extra info relating to the p-lot of the RP)


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