Well I may have 3 RPs out bye the end of this month. To give people somethig to do when one is slow ya know. This is one I've done before so yeah.


The year is 2024. Soon will come the thirteenth anniveresery of the Adventure Cruize's first voyage. 13 years ago a group of people went on the voyage. They went to many lands. Some even strange lands. They also met a great evil and seemingly stopped it. But they didn't. Now, that evil has returned to reek havok among the city and that crew and maybe others will now stand up against it one more and possably final time.


Here's how you sign up.

Name: (Put your OCs name here.)

Age: (If it is an old OC, put they're age +13 here)

Appearance: (Put an appearance of your OC in this time period.)

Bio: (You can link a page if they have it, but is recommended you make a bio that relates to the OC in this time period.)

Well start.

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