Well, in two days it will be Summer Vacation for me. Also in two days it will be my 16th birthday. And for the summer season I've got a whole bunch of Role Plays planned. I also will be working a lot harder on my novel.

Here is my list of Role Plays I have planned for the summer season.

Ye Olde Role Play

An RP about knights and castles and pirates and adventure. About finding the secret treasure and the supposed magic sword from the gods.

Space RP

Yet another remake of my first RP only with some differences. The story of this one is instead, it's many years into the future and Earth has been finally selected to send a group of humans to a giant space station where many alien races meet to train to become part of the intergalactic army or to just simply live and learn.

Apocalypse RP

No not Zombie apocalypse. It's set a few years after a war over the territory of Antarctica. The fight went over board and ended up destroying over half of the world. It's based around the survival of a group of people in the destroyed city of New Bridge.

Victorian RP

Tales place in the time of Jeremiah McRye's birth. More of a calm RP about life back then.

So there's the list. Now the way I've set up the RP's is that they are all set in different periods in time, so you will almost have to come up with a new character unless you have a special character who's lived in that point of time too. I hope we'll have fun with these ones.

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