School stars in 15 days for me. It sucks because it seems my entire summer just FLEW by. But then again it always does. what sucks though is it didn't ffeel like i got anything done. I just sat here procrastinating while I could have been finishing chapter 3 of my novel, finishing art projects, exorcising, or even going outside. I've been in such a zombie like trance on the internet that I seemingly forgotten the movement of time. I haven't even watched anime or played many of my games.

Another thing I'm thinking about is when I will be able to get on the wiki once school stats up again. There's a new bus driver and I'm not sure wether or not they'll pick me up and drop me off first or last, how slow they go, how many other kids we'll have to wait for. This thought scares me because I already have a 45 minute drive to school, add that with otentially other stops that we have to go out of the way and do, that makes it even longer. I can not STAND sitting in a car doing absolutly nothing for that long. Also I like to have plenty of free time after school. I mean I don't ever have homework or chores or a job.

But on the though of jobs, school starting up has made me realize, I only have 2 years left... I've been extremely worried about my future recently. I have no idea what I want to do and how I am going to do it and even IF I can do it.

But at least I have one thing to make the upcoming school year better and that Sims 3 supernatural. You may have heard aready but I've pre-ordered it so that means I may get it a few days beforei t come out in stores... meaning I'm getting it way before any of you lol. Trollfaic Also there's a ton of movies I'm interested in seeing that are coming out this school year which is also awesome. Also I guess it's good that I'm getting out of the house again, as I haven't been out in months.

BTW if you read my extremely long blog, I'll give you a cookie.

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