Well, tomarrow my school is having a thanksgiving party. It will be a friday so not only will it be easy but since our parents can come, those who brought family can go home with them. My dad is going to go so I get to go home early tomarrow. It will also be one of the only times I have to spend time with him. Then over the weekend, there will be a normal school monday, and tuesday we get out at 1:00 insted of 2:45. We're going to have a fun day with movies and stuff. Then I have thanks giving break which will last from wensday to sunday. That's FIVE days off including the week end.

Today was a pretty news filled day as well. First off, i wrote a play in class and hand my class mates perform it. It was fun. Then the entire school had to be checked for headlice cause one of the students had it and was sent home. Then during 3'd period, the school helped decorate the gym/lunchroom for tomarrows dinner. As I was doing so I ran down the hall and right into one of my teachers while they had fresh coffee in they're hands. Coffee exploded onto both of use and I had to wash my jacket in the schools laundry. Luckly the teacher I had was a nice one and forgave me. Then later that day, one of my friends and another mountain of a student almost got into a fight. And by fight, I mean fight as beating the crap out of each other. Luckily the masses of teachers broke it up before anything bad could happen. So yeah. Interesting.

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