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  • Sarasue1

    Hey remember this?   I sure do. I want to do it again,

    It's pretty much the same rules as last time. Now that we're on a different wiki, you should have the freedom to do any OC you want, not just the ones in the millard high RP. This is super helpful if your working on a new OC.

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  • Sarasue1


    January 18, 2016 by Sarasue1

    I'm really feeling this song right now. 

    I'm not making this blog for any purpose outside of helping people who get this glitch. 

    This is an incredably frustrating glitch that occurs when trying to comment on a blog. You will lose your comment and the only way to fix it is to comment on another blog. I'm tired of clogging my other blogs with useless comments in order to fix this so I'm making this to use until the glitch is fixed. 


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  • Sarasue1

    Battle for New Bridge

    Chapter 1

    Signs of impeding doom.

    Add your new character to the roster here.

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  • Sarasue1

    The Earl of Shadows has finally gained enough power to confidently attack New Earth, starting in the city his enemies reside in and the nearest connection to the Fanitisme. It's now up to the people of this world to stand up and fight back, or else succumb to the rule of their new Emporer of Darkness. 

    As explained on the forum, the plot of this RP is based around the plot of my own novel. But worry not. You wan't require knowlage of my novel to be able to be involved. Besides.... I'm not finished with it anyway >.> 

    Never the less, the setting and plot is design around more extensive use of character. Pretty much any character can be involved with a bit of tweaking. The setting of the plot involves a typical city in the real world, and an e…

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  • Sarasue1

    Dumb OC Questions: Round 1

    November 14, 2015 by Sarasue1

    Everybody has headcanons about their OCs they typically aren't usefull in the context of most stories.. so that's why I am making this little game. 

    Here will be a series of rapid fire questions in no particular order or theme. Answer as many as you can for each OC you want to do. Let's go.

    • Is your OC ticklish?  
    • What's the dumbest thing they've done as a kid? 
    • If the absolutely had to get a tattoo, what would it be? 
    • How do they act drunk? 
    • Allergies? 
    • Any media guilty pleasures? 
    • What physical traits to do they prefer in a significant other? 
    • Do they have any secret fetishes? 
    • What is the pettiest thing they have cried about (as an adult)? 
    • Do they like puns? 
    • What do they do to relax? 
    • Do they still hold onto a toy from their childhood for nostalgia…
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