Okay, I afraid about everyone confused my plot

The Sims 3: Pets RP is about everyone can have cats, dogs, horses, minor pets, unicorns. For cats and dogs, they have traits, love their parks/jungles, and hunting for small pets. For horses, they also have traits, love their ranch, and contesting for fame. For unicorns, they appear in night and leave in dawn, they have traits too, they have magic to bless or curse another. Is anyone cans collect all small pets? Is anyone wants to use unicorn power for? Is anyone likes animals? Is anyone wins the horse contest? Are animals like other animals?

Location: Appaloosa Plains

At one point Appaloosa Plains was a sleepy ranching township, its only claim to fame being a garish tourist trap that drew in the occasional passerby. However, a recent influx of city slickers has turned the area into a bustling hub of activity. They keep arriving with their stacks of Simoleons, retrofitting the town with modern amenities while eagerly believing they've acquired their own slice of country paradise. The clash between the old and new is readily apparent, with some elderly die-hards clinging to the remaining vestiges of life as they knew it. Will the town come together in the new era of prosperity, or will the generational clash leave a clear line drawn in the sand?

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