Batman Arkham City. A game... with BATMAN!


Several months after the Joker attempted to take over Arkham Asylum, a large part of Gotham City has been turned into a prison facility, where all people with small criminal records are thrown in and left to fend for themselves. The facility is managed by Doctor Hugo Strange and his army of TYGER guards. However, he reallt doesn't stop the crime in Arkham City. However, several people object to this ridiculous idea and are thrown into the City by Strange and are hunted down by criminals. The main conflict of the RP is the huge gang-war between the Joker (who is sick and dying), the Penguin (who has kidnapped Mr. Freeze) and Two-Face (who is a person).

But the question is, who are you? Are you a Caped Crusader? A political prisoner? A criminal who works alone or with a gang? Are you an undercover cop? Or do you really not care?

Sign-Up Format

Name: Duh.

Gender/Age: Look at my above explanation.

Codename: What is there superhero/supervillain name? (optional)

Appearance: Use a picture or a description.

Abilities: Any equipment, superhuman abilities or just skills they have.

Bio: A bit of detail about your character's backstory and personality.

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