Song quote.

Anyways, I am the carrier of some news which might interest you, might not. So.

Back on MySims Wiki, do you remember the Character Battles? Well, a group of wikians have managed to revive them and 2011's Character Battle is current having nominees nominated, even though it's a few months late. I was just coming to ask if you would like to come back to MySims Wiki and participate in the Character Battles since most of you (who were originally on MySims Wiki) are on here. I am not trying to "steal" you, only to make you aware. It is entirely your decision wether you come back or not, I am not trying to force anything apon you, I just hope you'll give it a go. I will post a link below for anyone who is interested in anyway at all. This blog is basically to make you aware and hopefully allow you to join in one of the events that helped build the wiki a couple of years ago. Ohdear.png

Here is the link. link

Please leave comments and thoughts below. Thanks. man this sounds whiney Rawr.gif

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