Well, I am going to do this RP on this Wiki, Idk about The Town yet. So yeah.


24 Castaways are sent onto strange lands. There, they will be split up into six tribes (in this version) and will live on seperate beaches. The two teams will compete in Reward (for luxuries) and Immunity challenges. If you win Immunity, you get to survive the next three days and not go to Tribal Council. If you do not win Immunity, you will be sent to Tribal Council where you do have to vote someone off. But, they will not be eliminated, they will go to OC Island, which stands for Operation Comeback. After enough people are eliminated, there will be a challenge and whoever wins the challenge will reenter the game. Along the way, the tribes will dissolve and merge together to form 2 tribes. After enough people are eliminated, (I think a total of 12) the two tribes will finally and permenately merge together into one tribe, where they will play for Indivdual Immunity. Once we reach the final 3, the jury (the last nine people eliminated) will vote on a winner! Whoever wins will win 1,000,000 simoleons and bragging rights.

Sign-Up Sheet

Here is the sign-up sheet:

  • Name: A name, it's very simple.
  • Gender: Duh, I need that.
  • Appearance:
  • Description: What your character is like, but just in a couple sentences. Nothing too big.

I don't need Age because it doesn't really matter.


List of characters:

  1. Michael (PeaceOut12)
  2. Gold (Gold710)

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