Summer vacay is boring for me... I got nothing to do here! My parents are too tired to take us to the mall, my mom doesn't want to take us to the beach because she doesn't want a tan (mother, it's called SUNSCREEN. USE IT)... but good news is we're going to Manila on the 23rd and we'll be there for a week! Yaaay!

I've also been working on concept art(?) for my OCs. I'm already done with 4 so only three are left, but I've sort of lost my motivation. Though I'm gonna try to finish them! I can do it, yeah. *shoots self for quoting Rika Furude*

Oh, I also just bought episode 2 of the Higurashi visual novels. This part really freaked me out so I thought I'd put it here.


I'm at the part where the main character, Keiichi, gets a call from his friend Shion, who supposedly went missing after the Cotton Drifting/Watanagashi festival. He then begins to poke holes in her confession that she spoke to another person who went missing around the same time. Then there's a moment of silence.

"Kee hee hee hee hee hee hee..." fills up the middle to the bottom of the screen. Screen goes black, and sharp female eyes appear on the black screen after a few seconds. Cue me freaking out and asking my DOG to wake up. Hey, he's adorable and adorable things make good medicine for fear... luckily I had the volume on mute. The scare chords are creepy, but I really like listening to them..

So uh... I dunno. Ohdear.png Say stuff. I dunno.

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