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  • I live in the first circle of hell
  • I was born on November 11
  • My occupation is still suffering
  • I am dying inside
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    I HAVE A FUCKING IDEA *It's an ordinary Sunday afternoon, and a group of friends are walking together on their way to a hospital, where their friend, Celeste (name pending) is currently resting in.

    • Celeste was the ordinary girl who didn't stand out much in school. She was quiet and the primary target of the resident queen bee of their school. But recently, Celeste was in an accident that rendered her unable to either walk or speak.
    • When they arrive at Celeste's room, she's not there, and the room itself is in chaos. And strangely, her wheelchair is still there. While the hospital staff call the police, our heroes decide to break into her home. Except that she's not there either and there's absolutely nothing peculiar about the home.
    • Until one…
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    December 9, 2012 by Kogasa Beatrice

    So Blaze called me awhile ago. She told me she went to a cosplay event in Mintal (it's somewhere here in Davao) and this is what she saw.

    • Homestuck cosplayers (ALL OF THEM! JOHN! ROSE! A CUTE DAVE! A HOT ERIDAN! A HOT SOLLUX! A HOT GAMZEE! A CUTE TAVROS (wheelchaired)!! No dancestors, Lord English and Doc Scratch though. >: )
    • Homestuck shirts for sale 
    • Creepypasta cosplayers (Masky/Tim from Marble Hornets, Eyeless Jack and Jeff the Killer)
    • Vocaloid cosplayers (Miku, the Kagamines, Luka, A CUTE KAITO, an ugly Gakupo... and a Neru who said "Crazy fangirl in coming." when she saw Blaze)
    • Touhou cosplayers (Patchouli, Reimu, Marisa, Flandre...)
    • JACK FROST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH EYESHADOW!

    She also told me that the Homestuck and Creepypasta cosplayers …

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    Kalinka? Malinka?

    November 7, 2012 by Kogasa Beatrice

    Good evening people! How do you do? Me I am fine yes fine.

    The title says all. It's gonna be a special day this Sunday. A certain idiot is gonna be having her birthday.

    Guess who that idiot is?

    ... ehehe.

    Yeah, me.

    I'll be fifteen by then. I still remember when I was a wee lassy back in MySims Wiki, I was like, twelve back then. A crazed weeaboo lunatic obsessed with Higurashi, video games and gore. Now I'm a crazed lunatic obsessed with too many things to list. Time does weird shit to people.

    I should draw a rave party pic.

    Cause you know, rave parties are boss.

    Maybe I'll go watch Wreck-it-Ralph at the cinema, assuming they're already showing it there.

    P.S. Eon. Blaze. I want gifts. Gifts. GIFTS. BLAZE I ALREADY GAVE YOU A BAG NOW IT IS MY TURN T…

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    Yay. Blog about things I drew.

    First... Iona's request is NOW DONE.


    And another thing.

    Whatever this is

    ... okay that's all.

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    Blog post of brodome

    September 22, 2012 by Kogasa Beatrice


    I had exams a few days ago... Math was REALLY hard. So was English, but that's because I didn't bother to study for it. I'm normally very good at that subject... Math and Araling Panlipunan/History were at my mind at that time so I stopped caring for it. Elective was pretty hard too. The last part of the test was poem writing. Well, it was only for the SEMAP/genius class, but if we answered it we get plus points. So I wrote a sestet about someone remniscing about their dead lover. I'm so going to regret my decision...

    And now on to other stuff.

    So much to do right now. Requests from Iona and Blanky, fanart shit... I can't draw as fast and as often as Eon and Shadow can/do... Eon takes like, 2 minutes to draw som…

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