Because why the HELL NOT. EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANDMA HAS A SCHOOL RP. And some ARE really popular. *glares at Millard High RP*

Anyways...For the plot...It's a school RP. Not much of a plot for it. I may think of one as we go along, but otherwise, it's just a school.

As for what kind of school it is...Idk.....A large school for people, preschool to college? Idk.

Will I allow supernatural stuff? Sure. But, as I said with the Spy RP. No adventure for mythical weapons, no demonic cult trying to brainwash millions of people, no zombie apocalypse.....Yet.

So...With that, let's begin with the rules.


1.) Keep the swearing to a minimum, ok? F-bombs are fine and dandy, but I dont need them dropped every 10 seconds.

2.) Dont you ever. EVER. Attempt to take control of my RP.

3.) If you have an idea, suggest to me on here.

4.) No godmodding or being a Mary Stu/Gary Sue.

5.) Finally. I will allow you to put "Later" on your sign-ups. Just...try to get to them? Kthnx.

Breaking these rules once gets you a warning. Breaking them twice, you are dead to me. Break them three times, and I am considering your characters non existant until I deem you forgiven.


Name:Joseph "Cobalt" Strife.

Age: 19


Species(Cause yes, I am allowing supernatural stuff. Deal with it. Optional):Idk...Torn between demon and dhampir.

Clique(Optional, and only if you are a student. Are you a jock, a nerd,a cheerleader, a greaser, a bully? WHAT ARE CHU.): None

Role(Optional. You gonna be a teacher, a student, the janitor? What are you.): Student

Appearance(Optional): Joey.jpg

Bio(Optional):If you know Joey, you know his bio. If you dont, meh. Long story short, he is a guy who plays video games, reads manga, listens to music, etc etc.

Final words.

So yeah. With that said..

  • plays Maritsu Evil Academy theme*