Yep, due to popular demand, I am bringing back an RP I made WAY back in the year of 1493. Lol, jk. I aint that old, plus I didnt start RPing till a couple years ago. XD Anyways, this RP takes place in the Super Smash Bros. universe. You can add any OC, any character from a video game, anime, visual novel, etc etc. As for me, I am adding an OC. *wanted to add a Xenoblade Chronicles character, may do that someday* Ok. Now then, for the rules.

The rules are simple. Dont godmod or puppet, dont make a Gary-Stu or Mary-Sue, be kind, and have fun..HAVE FUN I SAY! Oh, and a little important rule. Dont mess with Yuuka's sunflowers. She will kill you. I am serious.



Name:Joey Strife

Age(Optional): 17


Appearance: Dark brown hair, electric blue eyes, wears a black trenchcoat, has a red mp3 Player.

Species(Optional): Human

Abilities: Mastery of a scythe.

Bio(Optional): Joey Strife is hard to describe. Sometimes he is laid back, sometimes he is stupid, sometimes he is dead serious. He wishes to keep his friends safe. He will usually listen to music when not in the middle of a fight. During a battle, he always tries his hardest. He is an avid gamer and otaku, watching anime.

Final Smash: Gateway to Oblivion- Joey spins his scythe, jumps in the air, yells "This is the end for you!" And slams his scythe into the ground, creating a wave of darkness on both sides of him.

Original Appearance(THIS IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, And it could mostly be used anime or video game characters): Final Youkai RP.

Alright, that is it. I will try to make it on the weekend. I may need help to remember. Nuff said. So..Yeah..Feel free to sign up. *is standing on Yuuka's flowers* Um..GOTTA RUN KKTHXBAI!*runs like heck*

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