The title is part of a song called Save This World, which is the theme for Phantasy Star Universe(Pretty cool Sega Game...Has some SEGA things like Puyo Puyo, Sonic, and they have a purple haired reporter on a Channel called Channel 5...Space Channel 5 Ref, anyone?)

Anways, Spring Break next week! WOOT! I will probably watch Angelic Layer or something, sleep..Play Xenoblade...

I finished Dokuro Chan, which is an awesome anime...It is funny to watch the guy get pwned everytime he does something weird.

And....Here is my main thing...I NEED RP IDEAS. My RPs are seeming to die, and some have shriveled up into dust....Brawl RP is barely hangin on. XD I was gonna make a Phantasy Star RP, to celebrate the whole Phantasy Star Online 2 thing coming out on PC, PSVita, and Smartphone,

So, here is where you come in. Feel free to give me some RP ideas. It will be a definite help! Heck, I only have these ideas.

Island RP:The characters are stuck on an island, and need to find a way to survive!

Phantasy Star RP: This RP will take place in the Phantasy Star Universe. You can use the Phantasy Star Wiki and Psupedia to gain more info.

So...Yeah...Now then..I shall ride into the sunset upon Amaterasu. *jumps onto Amaterasu from Okami, rides into sunset*

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