Alright, this is a pretty simple thing. The characters are on a ship that is destroyed, causing them to wash up on a most peculiar island. Of course, they must try and escape, while learning about the mysteries of the island. Really..all there is to it.


The rules are simple.

No solving the problem too quickly. I dont want RPs to be over quickly.

Please be patient. If someone doesnt respond in a while, they may be busy.

No Mary Sues, Gary Stus, God mods, or puppetmasters(people who control other people's characters without permission.)

No foul language.

If you attempt to break any of these rules, you will get a warning the first time, then I will kick you out if it continues.

Sign-ups.(Yes I am using my character as a template.)

Name:Joey Strife



Appearance:Look at the picture over there. --------------------->


Species(Optional): Dhampir

Ablities(Optional):Vampire abilities.

Bio(Optional, but appreciated.): here

Alright. Have fun~

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