Yeah...Random Title....ANYWAYS! Lot of stuff happening..Some good, some not so good.

=Caves, rabbit people, and bombs, OH MY!

Yeah...I got Cave Story and Bomberman Hero on my Wii now. They are both fun....Though I wish I hadnt found Curly's Panties in Cave Story....*eyetwitch* Yes, it is a secret in the game, and yes, it is weird.

We are back, back, back, Men in Black, Black, Black.

Saw Men in Black 3...almost cried at one part..I was the only one watching it...Got multicolored Swedish Fish, and applied for a job at the theater.

Decisions, decisions.

Ok..So.I got 1800 Wii Points, and I cant figure out what to spend them on.

So far, I am stuck between these choices.

Anima Ark of Sinners or Super Smash Bros, both 1000 points each

Kirby Super Star, Super Mario RPG, Harvest Moon, all 800 points each...

Sin and Punishment for 1200 Wii Points. So..yeah.

Is goodbye?

I have bad news...My laptop may never be fixed....It costs 300 dollars to fix my laptop, which I dont have..At that price, I could BUY a laptop..So...I will not be on often...I promise, I will try and buy a laptop ASAP....But until then, I will not be on...*counts to three* So..Yeah..I am sorry...

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