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  • Iona123

    Hi! We've exceeded 2,000 comments, so do you know what that means?

    Part Two!!!

    RP away, children!

    Le First Part: Ici.

    Les Sign-Ups: Ici.

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  • Iona123

    Wow. I start the first part of one RP, and begin the sign-ups for the next.

    You're controlling your favourite OCs. Except........they act kinda different! They have different personalities!

    Yes, I literally mean it. You control your OCs as if they're completely different people. (I, personally, think controlling a non-sarcastic Raphael is fun.)

    You also have to make your OCs really weird. (Weirder than they already are.)

    So, these human beings are on a bus, and it crashes. It's a basic survival RP.......But is that how it will turn out?

    Name: (I'm getting that French thing when you've seen it all before....)


    Species: (AND AGAIN!)

    Appearance: (AND ONCE MORE!)

    Character's Original Bio: (Okay, not this time. 'Character's Origi…

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  • Iona123

    Let's start this!

    If you want to add a new minion character, your link is: Ici.

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  • Iona123

    Hi everyone.


    I'm not sure how Mystery of the Note went. Eh. Maybe this one'll be better. Maybe this one'll be worse.

    .....I'll get straight to the plot.

    The Earth. A planet with many species, more than one can imagine. Now these species are in danger. The spirit Música Tsuki has returned, and has taken the body of Iona! Música Tsuki is threatening to take over the world, and send it to ruins. How will she be stopped? If Música Tsuki is defeated, what will happen to Iona?

    I bet that made no sense.

    Okay, so this evil spirit lady named Música Tsuki is gonna try and destroy every living thing on the Earth, using Iona to do so. Iona takes the appearance of Música Tsuki, and she has no way of controlling herself, because Música Tsuki is in…

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  • Iona123

    Good whatever-time-of-day-it-is-for-you-guys.

    This is gonna fail. I tell you, it is gonna fail.

    But let us start anyway.

    Sign-Ups: Somewhere around here.....

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