Meh, just an RP idea I had. Also will give me an idea to think of some OCs, which I'll introduce in a seperate blog at a later time.

Basically, it's an underdeveloped plot idea that I expect to improve as the RP goes on. It will be in the scripted format, just so most people will join.

So, basically, a group called the Madcap Society forms to help those in need by performing oddjobs for little to no change. This could be something as simple as rescuing a cat from a tree, or rescuing a tree from a horrible storm. The jobs vary.

Now, I'll expand later, and I'll also go on and say that the RP will be set up very differently. All you need to worry about is signing up. So here's the sign-up forums:

NOTE: ONLY make characters in the society. Minor characters not directly in it or asking for help will be added during the RP.

  • Name: Obviously
  • Age: No less then 13
  • Gender: Are you masculine or feminine?
  • Appearance:
  • Bio: Keep it brief. We'll learn as we go on.

Can't really think of anything else needed.

So... sign up!

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