This is one of my fave games, and it's pretty interesting.

It's mainly a high school story, but packed with pile of drama!

Will your character be a nerd, or a popular kids? A cheerleader, or a rebel? Find out here!



Appearance: Missie

Age: freshman (failed a year)

Group: Usually with the nerds, or the rebels. Can't sit near the cheerleaders due to Paula.

Bio: Missie is sort of a rebel, with having 3 older brothers, one named Bryce(character in SHS). Missie is friends with anyone she meets, when she's not mad. He father works as vice president of Prince Automotives, and she's best friends with Tom Prince. Has a huge crush on Kenji, and doesn't pay attention to Tom's crush on her.

Friends: Beth, Raven(both in college), Howard, Taylor, Spike

Enemies: Jessica, Megan, Andrew, Paula.

Trust me, you'll like this.

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