okay, you can see, this is an RP based on Angelic layer? Recently, I've been thinking about an RP to make, and I've wanted to make about this anime. recently, I've been watching Angelic Layer, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Tsubasa. But to the point of this RP!


Ok, the plot of Angleic Layer is about a game. The game is Angelic Layer(Duh), and the people who play use dolls. the dolls only react when they're thrown onto the layer, and can't move if they're not in the area. The plot of the RP is probably around the time Persecoms should be created. Well, Angelic Layer is also a competition fighting game.(If you don't know about it, or wanna know more, go on the wikipedia and search for it.)

Here are the bios:






Doll's Name:(optianal)

Doll's appearance:

Doll's Weight:(light or heavyweight)

Hope you join!

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