• Gemma1520


    I'm back for a bit. I missed you guys.



    I just exploded.

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  • Gemma1520

    So guys, tomorrow its my last day of school :D

    I have many things to say.

    1. RATCHET AND CLANK IS BACK! :') Now I just have to wait, hurry up Q-force.

    2. I got Harvest moon: The tale of two towns. Trying to not play it till I head to spain

    3. I'm leaving this wiki. So guys this is my farewell. I'm sad to see you lot go but I'll still be on Mysims wiki, the wikis bursting with flavour guys. So if you wanna pop by and give me a message or even get me on facebook :'(

    I'm terrible at goodbyes but ya know I tried.

    Now I leave you with this picture,

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  • Gemma1520

    Its now offcially my easter half term! Wooo'

    I will probably stay indoors most of the day with my friends.

    However I'm not going to be on much. I might comment on a few blogs just to say Hi but I wont be terribly active. Why might that be?

    Well its simple,

    Instead of writing this blog, I should be revising! :O

    Instead of watching Avatar; The legend of Korra, I should be revising. But I cant wait for it too start.

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