Okay this is the first blog on this wiki and it's a RP. Now I haven't done something like this in a long time ( nor I never successfully run a RP before) but I want to try this. Anyway, I want to make this RP because I want to see how everyone OCs interact in my story environment. I don't know I just think it's fun. Now I want to see how many sign up for this. If not, well it'I tried.


Your OCs stumble upon a supernatual town, Roseland ( I'm letting people decide on how OCs get there. All your OCs have your own way getting there because I can't think of good way). Your characters will explore the wonders of the unknown in the town while meeting enimies, allies, and friends along the way.


I'm thinking of applying the same rules that everyone use here.

1) No overpowered OCs or Sues

2) Do not finish plots so soon

3) No spamming

4) Do not go over three pages without me ( This is the first time I will try to this rule)

5) Everyone control your own character unless it's a SPC or you have permission to use the other person's OC when they are away.

Sign Up




Species: ( Are you Supernatural OCs or an Outsider [ Referring that your characters don't have any sort of powers or supernatural abilities at all] ? We all get it now.)




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