TylerAnime Avi

Character Info

Age 16
Species Umm... Not too sure.
Gender Male
Nationality Again, dunno.
Height 5'7
Body Type Dangerously Thin
Hobbies/Interests ?
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Canon Original Story? {{{Canon Original Story?}}}

Tyler is a test subject that was imprisoned in Revile Laboratories. He has lived there fro 8 years since he was 8. His memory had been wiped and any traces of his existance in the outside world terminated. He is severely mutated by the expieraments ran on him. He has been affected both physically and mentally. He has cat ears from having his DNA mutated with that of a cats. He as also has had half of his face burned off and replaced with a metal plate. His right eye has a severe infaction pupil red and the area around it black. The area around the eye is swollen and he often has puss forming in his eyelids. This effect though, was purpsosly created in the medcine they used on it, which is why they have yet to properly treat it.

As far as his mental state goes, Tyler quiet, yet unstable. Sometimes he will lash out at staff for no reason. He knows nothing about the world outside the lab. He's been fairly well brainwashed into believing that the lab is all there is.


  • He no longer has any healthy eyes, as one is infected and one is a replacment after is got burned off.

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