Character Info

Nicknames Trist
Age 16
Species Vampire
Gender Male
Nationality American
Height 5'7"
Body Type skinny
Hobbies/Interests Soccer, Guitar
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Canon Original Story? {{{Canon Original Story?}}}

Tristan is a very popular high school boy. He goes to the same one as Bridget, and they're amazing friends. He doesn't really like any certain girls, but likes Bridget a little bit, yet doesn't know it himself. He used to be on the soccer team when he was in middle school, but didn't want to in high school. He has a younger sister named Trixie, and they usually get along, but Trixie usually blackmails him alot. He's kinda sarcastic to people, especially Vicki, for no apparent reason. He's not sarcastic to Bridget at all, though. He's a vampire, but hasn't been for long.


  • His younger sister is 13.
  • Denni is usually the only one who calls him Trist.

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