MMO Sigrun

While an avid gamer, Sigrún's never really been one for MMORPGs or online multiplayer games in general, but she thought there might be something special about Ellaina Online, so she donated a couple of dollars to the Kickstarter. As it turns out, she was right, but not quite in the way she expected. Living in a game was one of her childhood dreams, but now that it's actually happened, she's not quite sure she wants to stay there, especially given the danger that she and her buddies find at every turn.

Player Info

  • Username: Sighawke
  • Class: Savage (hybrid class between Brawler and Ranger)
  • Skill Level: Regular



Greek Yogurt Smells Like Feces
  • Slot: Primary Weapon
  • Type: Unarmed Weapon

Gauntlets with exceedingly sharp fingertips that resemble the claws of a predatory bird. This makes it perfect for hand-to-hand combat. Also has metal knuckles to add extra impact to punches.

On the left is a picture of gauntlets that somewhat resemble the Hawktalons (actual picture of the Hawktalons unavailable).


  • Slot: Secondary Weapon
  • Type: Shortbow

A shortbow with a faint golden metallic color. It sports an intricate design based on a hawk, with limbs resembling wings.

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