Sigrún Hawke
(Pronunciation: Sig-roon Hawk)

Character Info

Nicknames Sig, Siggy, Blanky, Sigrude, Hawke.
Age 19 (as of Aug. 31, 2015)
Species Human
Gender Female
Nationality American
Height 5'4"
Body Type Average
Hobbies/Interests Playing video games, computers, writing, staring off into space, sleeping, and eating potatoes.
Status Alive
Canon Original Story? N/A

Sigrún Hawke is an eccentric, avid gamer with an uncanny obsession for potatoes. More often than not, she's wiling her time away with stealth games, WRPGs, and action adventure games on her PlayStation. Her parents are immigrants from China; however, she herself was born and raised in the United States. If she appears in an RP or story, it's pretty much a given that she'll also be with her friends Farzad Mansoor, Samson Parker, and Achimeir Fischr. Like her friends (aside from Achimeir), she is a college student; currently, she is working towards a bachelor's degree in Graphic Communications.


Sigrún is a bit of an eccentric character. Many remember her for her uncanny obsession with potatoes, and her almost religious devotion to video games. She's also distinguished by her odd, colloquial way of talking.

By nature, however, Sigrún is a very private, introverted person. While she isn't cold or unfriendly, she tends to be reticent, sharing little about her problems, thoughts, and feelings. It's for this very reason that she has no presence on social media. Moreover, she never particularly feels lonely, even if she goes for days without talking to others. Rarely does she also initiate conversation or start topics, even with people she's comfortable with; she simply finds it difficult to think of things to talk about. Because of this, she usually just responds to conversations initiated by others. When faced with an intimate or otherwise emotional situation, Sigrún tends to become very uncomfortable, as she is easily embarrassed.

While she may be reserved, she doesn't hate people. For the most part, she tries to be tolerant and open-minded. She also tends to be sensitive about other people's feelings, even if she may not particularly like them, and stresses out if she thinks she's inadvertently offended somebody. Even if she is irked by somebody herself, she rarely voices her displeasure (or at least, not blatantly). When she is truly angry with somebody, she tends to shut them out rather than start a fight.

As anybody who knows her can attest, Sigrún is also a meticulous perfectionist who always finishes what she starts. In this respect, she is a textbook example of a Virgo. More often than not, she spends exorbitant amounts of time on her schoolwork, or anything she creates in general. Her meticulous nature is reflected even in her gaming habits. In every game she plays, she strives to collect as many achievements or trophies as she possibly can. She also makes sure she sees every game she plays to the end before moving on to another, whether or not she enjoys it. While her meticulous nature makes her a diligent worker, it also makes for a very picky individual.


Physical Traits

On most fronts, Sigrún is pretty average physically; she isn't skinny or fat, nor is she tall or short. While she did grow in height much faster than most of her peers in her childhood, she also stopped growing earlier, at the age of 12. More often than not, her jet black hair is trimmed into a short layered hairstyle with sideswept bangs. These bangs hang not too far above her eyes, which are naturally a very dark brown that almost looks black. However, she usually wears light gray contact lenses. A small, thin, light colored scar trails over the bridge of her nose, which is rounded at the tip. She also has small lips, lightly tanned skin with an ochre tone, and a diamond-shaped face, with a narrow jaw and a somewhat long chin.

Fashion Sense


Sigrún's favorite jacket.

Sigrún is very particular about her wardrobe, which includes a peculiar mix of styles--formal, military, and sporty. Generally, the only colors she wears are brown, white, beige, gray, olive green, blue, and black (mostly for pants). Most often, she wears her favorite dark brown faux shearling aviator jacket, which sports a fake fur collar and many extraneous belts (see picture on the right). Other examples of what she might wear include military-style peacoats, utility jackets, varsity jackets, dress shirts (usually white or beige colored with some sort of vest over it), biker jackets, hoodies, and loose-fitting t-shirts. Many of her t-shirts and hoodies seem to have racing stripes, stars, or pictures of predatory birds (e.g., eagles, hawks, falcons, etc). Her pants are mostly form-fitting jean leggings--however, she does have a few ripped skinny jeans, and cargo pants (which are also tight--for whatever reason, she refuses to wear pants that aren't tight unless she's in her pajamas). Depending on what she's wearing, she switches between four pairs of shoes:

Roles in RPs



  • "Hawke" is just a pseudonymic surname, inspired by the Dragon Age character of the same name. Her real last name is generally left ambiguous to the audience.

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