Sherry Ligstien
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Character Info

Nicknames None
Age 22
Species Undead
Gender Female
Nationality Unknown
Height 5'6
Body Type Average
Hobbies/Interests Unknown
Status Undead
Canon Original Story? Fantisme Imagination

Sherry Ligstien is a woman who comes off as cold and mysterious at first glance. She works under The Earl of Shadows and a being named The Blue Demon of Malice, whom in turn possesses the body of a young boy named Emette, of whom she is in charge of. She is a powerful adversary, having powers of her own, but also powers granted to her by the Earl, making her near impossible to defeat.


Sherry was recovered from a beach in critical condition near a small, wrecked fishing boat. She was taken to a hospital where she recovered, but had suffered brain damage to her temporal lobe. This caused her to lose her memories and suffer dramatic personality changes. At one point, her behavior became so irrational that she was convinced she was fated to die and become a deity. One day, while she wasn't being monitored, she jumped from her hospital window, killing herself.

Sherry's soul wandered Limbo for a while before she encountered The Earl for the first time. The Earl promised her that he'd fix her mind and return her memories if she joined him. However, sensing evil with in him, she refused and ran of further into the void. Just before she left the Earl shouted that he'd be holding her memories hostage until she came back.

She continued to wander Limbo until one day, her soul was retrieved and resurrected by a necromancer, who wanted her as a slave.

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