Sarasue Winter

Character Info

Nicknames Sarah
Age 38
Species Human
Gender Woman
Height 5'5
Body Type Similar body type to her daughter
Hobbies/Interests Taking care of and protecting her family, (Previously fighting and exploring.)
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Canon Original Story? {{{Canon Original Story?}}}

Sarasue Winter is Isabelle, Ibby and Nathan's mother. She is a kind, single mother who deeply cares about her family. Her family are the owners of the powerful Goddess Blades, and as such, have been target of many demonic attacks in attempt to get them from her for century's. She was the last wielder of the blades and she turned off the blades powers in attempt to hide from the demons and protect her new family.

She belonged to her own group similar to the one Ibby, Kristine, Marc and Liz. In fact, Liz was part of that group. It consisted of herself, Liz, her eventual husband Robby and 6 of her best friends whom also had magical abilities of their own. They fought of demons in attempt to defeat the Shadow Lord, but they never succeeded. In they're attemps, most of them were killed brutally. Sarah had Isabelle when she was 19 and became pregnant with the twins at 23. She was pregnant with them during the final battle where her husband died protecting her. After her Isabelle had been targeted numerous times before hand, she decided she was done with the fighting and shut down the blades power in hopes that she could hide with her family and live a normal life. That was until her second daughter found the sword.


  • She was user Sarasue1's first OC, however at the time she was created, little thought was put into how she'd be used, so it wasn't until her daughter was created that her role was decided.
  • Sarah wore a white scarf when she used to fight, which she gave to Liz after retiring.
  • She has a very young looking face, which makes people believe she's younger than she actually is.

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