Samson Parker
Samson Parker

Character Info

Nicknames Sam, Sammy, Samsung, Samuel, Shortstick, etc.
Age 19 (as of Jan. 20, 2015)
Species Human
Gender Male
Nationality American
Height 5'1" (at 14)

5'6" (at 19)

Body Type Boney
Hobbies/Interests Playing video games, soccer, watching any kind of TV (mostly cartoons), and reading comic books.
Status Alive
Canon Original Story? N/A

From a young age, Samson Parker has always been short and skinny. But despite his small frame, he has an incredibly ravenous appetite. The youngest of four, Samson comes from an average middle class family. Although he was born in New Jersey, he has lived for most of his life on the streets of New York City. Often, he hangs out with Farzad Mansoor, Sigrún Hawke, and Achimeir Fischr, having been friends with the three since middle school. Currently, he is in college, still undecided on the focus of his studies.


Though Samson has a decent number of friends, some of his peers consider him annoying; however he is, for the most part oblivious to it. But Samson himself is also easily annoyed, especially by teasing. For the most part, however, Samson is a friendly and optimistic person, ready to make friends with anybody as long as they're nice to him. He's almost always hungry, and often announces this fact at every opportunity. More often than not, he's also sloppy and unorganized. This is reflected in his almost unintelligible handwriting and messy room.

In his free time, Samson loves to play soccer and video games, and to watch movies and TV on Netflix. As he's grown older, he's become especially fond of horror movies and games, purely for the thrill; he's watched so much violence that he's mostly desensitized by blood and gore. Oddly enough, however, he has an intense fear of rodents (especially squirrels), and heights.


Physical Traits

Samson is incredibly skinny, to the point where you can almost see his rib cage under his shirt. Nobody's exactly sure why this is the case, especially given his eating habits, but it's possible that he just has a very fast metabolism. Thanks to family genes, he's also very short for his age. His somewhat short, bushy medium brown hair, which matches in color with his large, friendly-looking eyes, covers his head like a mop, and is usually around 4-5 inches long. He also has a small button nose and a very round baby face. The combination of all this gives him a very youthful appearance; most people mistake him to be much younger than he really is.

Fashion Sense

Most of Samson's clothes comes from sporty, athletic brands, like Puma or Nike. Occasionally, he also wears funny t-shirts, sports jerseys, or merchandise inspired from his favorite cartoons or video games. It's hard to find anything exactly his size, so most of the stuff he wears is baggy and too big for him. Usually, he dresses in warm colors like red, yellow, and orange, as well as blue or black. He has quite a few pairs of shoes, mostly Nike, Sketchers, or Reebok sneakers in various colors which he switches between depending on his outfit.

Role in RPs


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