Sage Asino
Sage animethingy

Character Info

Nicknames None
Age 16
Species Human
Gender Boy
Nationality Italian
Height 5'6
Body Type Strong
Hobbies/Interests Pirate RPing, hunting
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Canon Original Story? {{{Canon Original Story?}}}

Sage is a rude teenage boy and acts extremely impolite to everyone he meets (Due to growing up with his even more impolite family). His best (and practically only) friend is his dog Horten, which he's known since childhood and is his hunting partner. Sage has a large interest in pirates and guns, and when he was little, he would pretend to be a pirate with his father’s working hunter rifle; everyone was to afraid to take it away from him, and also get near him because it was a working gun. To this day, Sage still has a huge interest in Pirates and he secretly wishes to become one when he grows up.


  • Sage is horribly afraid of mice
  • Sage has 4 sibling, an older brother named Surge(21), a twin sister named Siege(16), and two little brothers named Scourge(13) and Sag(9).
  • Sage's blue hair is natural, as everyone in his family had blue for many generations.

Other Photos

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