Revile Laboratories (originally called 'Revival Laboratories') is a secret, underground science facility that performs illegal experiments on people that they kidnap. The facility is large and elaborate, with many floors that go underground. The only trace of it on the surface is a small house with a garage and a hatch disguised as a well on an lot in New Bridge. It is infamous among the locals and many rumors about the place are spread. It is considered a place of no return, because unless you work there and have taken the vow of secrecy, they will keep you there for the rest of your life. It's very high tech and high security, making it extremely difficult to escape from.

Revile Lab's overall goal is to discover the secret to immortality. To do so, they will often kidnap supernatural creatures and do experiments on them. Most of the testing would be considered immoral and illegal, but do to the very corruption police force in New Bridge, they continue their testing, relativity left alone. 

Revile Laboratories Logo

This is the Revile Laboratories Logo.

There are many 'agents' that roam the streets of New Bridge and collect information. Often if they see something out of the ordinary, they'll capture it for study.

Escaped Revile test subjects can be identified by a bracelet on they're wrist. The bracelets run on a lock system and won't come off unless and authorized employee removes them. The robots also can be identified by the logo in printed on them.

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