Ned Ogarl

Character Info

Nicknames Riot
Age Normally 13
Species Human (Mutant when his puppetmaster was X-Men obsessed)
Gender Male
Nationality American
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Hobbies/Interests X-Men, his laptop, video games, flying, violence, swimming
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Ned Ogarl is- you know, no one calls him that. It's Riot. In every single RP, except for the Adventure RP, and half the time he's goes under the name Riot, so we're calling him Riot, dangit! Name rant aside, he is a bipolar teenager/pre-teen (his age varies on the RP) who is either known as Ned, a sarcastic and whiny jerk, and Riot, an insane lunatic who is enjoys anything, unless he gets mad, because then he'll be... mad. His personality is quite different in the RP "Special Agents VS RiotCorp", where he's more serious and is actually sane. Until we revived it and we made him just a rich person who bought MorcuCorp who had no sanity at all. He's controlled by Ri- wait, Riot the character was made by Riot the user? How unoriginal can you get... Well, originally, Riot was just supposed to be the user Riot acting like he would in the RP. Ned/Riot the character isn't supposed to be exactly like the person, but Ogarl still has a lot of traits that were taken by his puppetmaster. If you are confused, we don't blame you.


Kid is crazy, beats people up. Well, Riot doesn't have an official backstory yet. He was originally a normal person, but something horrible happened. I thought of something with Satan and his mind and soul getting completly broken. I've also thought of a Captain America-esque experiment, or something with drugs, I don't know. Something bad happens to him, he became bipolar, and recently his parents are annoyed, I guess. Bleh.


  • Riot is the most recurring OC of his creator. Actually, he's probably the only recurring one, with maybe three exceptions, the first being Melody (you can think this guy for that), and the other two being Bark and Bronze (they appeared in like two RP's, but it's more than one). Oh, and there was also a guy named Remy and a girl named Rosy, but I forgot they existed and I'm lazy... yeah.
  • He first appeared in the Misadventures of the Blankyjet Crew.

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