Muse the Spirit
Muse animehead

Character Info

Nicknames None
Age ??? (look 15)
Species Spirit
Gender Boy
Nationality Spirit world
Height 5'4
Body Type Thin
Hobbies/Interests Being adorable/Being annoying/Gardening
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Muse is a spirit, spirits are supernatural beings that personify aspects of the natural world, Muse personifies Originality, Inspiration, and Art. Spirits are also incredibly powerful, but Muse hasn't gotten his full powers yet. But he still has a dangerous amount of it, and he's also dangerously stupid, and would accidentally fall into a magma pit if not careful. He's also known of being idiotically adorable, and incredibly oblivions to any kind of danger, which constantly puts him in danger. His best friend is Eve, the spirit of nature, but he still has a bunch more human/un-human/spirit friends he's made over the years.

Muse's officially official apearance.


  • Muse's outfit was originally white, but after making friends with the Spirit of Color and Rainbows, she gifted him with a colorful outfit, and he started dressing like that ever since.
  • Muse's animal of choice when transforming is a sparrow.
  • Muse refuses to eat vegetables, due to the fact that his best friend is spirit of Veggies. :P
  • Muse is the leader/boss/patron of pixies and usually has a small band of pixies following him.

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