Makie Sumire
Makie gen8 facemaker

Character Info

Nicknames Himechi
Age 15
Species Human
Gender Female
Nationality Rosan
Height 5'6
Body Type Thin, 90-62-92
Hobbies/Interests Fashion, painting, dancing, clothes making, flowers
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A young lady from a rich and high class family. This is because Makie's father is a yakuza boss. Since she's high class, she's overbearing and stuck-up as well as overdramatic, but she's kind to most people and is very polite and elegant. She hates to lose her friends, as she was friendless as a child because of the demon war in Rosasharn years ago, her only friends were ghosts. Because of her beauty, she tends to take advantage of this with a bit of her charm. She uses a katana and Nature magic, and she's also a necromancer.


Makie was born in Sakuya, a kingdom in Rosasharn. She didn't leave Rosasharn and flee to Earth because her father believed they can survive through it and that his yakuza gang can defeat demons invading their home (they did). She lived a sheltered life because of the war and she was confined to her home. Her only friends were ghosts and plants, she had no contact with living humans her age, and when she heard her father's gang fight with the evil demons, she would cry and hide under her bedsheets.

When the demon war ended, Makie grew up to be a beautiful and talented girl. She was popular in her school for her charm. This made her feel insecure however as she wasn't sure if her "friends" really did like her. Eventually she befriended Kogasa Hajiri and Izumi Aizawa (they were all in the same club), and she made friends with the Akane Twins, Azusa Hajiri and Persia Kirino, and she never felt alone again. I hope.

More info

  • She sounds like... let me give you two hints:

"Of all the worst things that could happen, this is the WORST! POSSIBLE! THING!" and "Tis a lie! Thy backside is whole and ungobbled, thou ungrateful whelp!" and maybe "Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

  • Her best friend is Izumi, and she often takes her shopping. Or she just uses her as a mannequin for the clothes she makes.
  • She rarely eats sweets (crepes are healthy, dude), but if given a red velvet cake, she'll eat the whole thing.
  • She'll ignore someone for the whole day if they anger her even a little bit. That's what happens if you're a drama queen.
  • She has two younger siblings, a sister in middle school named Satsuki and a toddler brother.


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