Keisatsu Rida
Keisatsu Rida Selfy

Character Info

Nicknames Rida (Called by Raphael)
Age 19
Species Unknown (But a species very similar to Human)
Gender Male
Nationality Rosan
Height 5' 11"
Body Type Average
Hobbies/Interests Protecting Rosasharn
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Canon Original Story? {{{Canon Original Story?}}}

The typical loyal Rosan protector, known as Keisatsu, is a tad......overprotective. Keisatsu made it his duty to protect Rosasharn. He feels his job is to keep all the humans out of Rosasharn, after one little incident he had as a child. He would call up his army, the Shubarie no Sabanto, to arrest anyone who is close to finding a portal to Rosasharn.

With this, Keisatsu also has a condition. If he enters Rosasharn, he will automatically feel a lot weaker. However, he can sometimes overcome this.

Keisatsu also seem to call people by their titles (Miss, Mistress and Mister) and then their full names.

Keisatsu's Second Story

In the RPs where Rosasharn doesn't exist, Keisatsu protects something else, known as the Crystals of Life. Even if you ask him, Keisatsu will never speak of what they're about, so nobody knows what he's even protecting in the first place.

Other Appearances

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