Joseph Ventus Strife
Joey 066

Character Info

Nicknames Joey, Joe Joe
Age 17
Species Dhampir
Gender Boy
Nationality Unknown
Height Unknown
Body Type Say What Now?
Hobbies/Interests Listening to music, video game playing, fighting, hanging out with pals
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Canon Original Story? {{{Canon Original Story?}}}

Joseph Ventus Strife (originally known only as "Joey Strife" and commonly referred to as Joey) is a character in multiple RP's (mainly those made by this random dude). He tends to go into a rage when called short and shows weakness around cute girls and puppy dog eyes. His first appearance was in Final Youkai.


Joseph Ventus Strife, known mostly as Joey, is a 17 year old Dhampir. He has vampire strengths, but is hemophobic, meaning he cant handle the sight of blood. He enjoys using bladed weapons, preferring to be up close and personal with his attacks. His favorite weapon is either a sword or a scythe. He is usually random, but can be serious when the situation calls for such. He is sometimes lazy, but enjoys helping people. He also has a weakness towards puppy eyes, which usually makes him feel compelled to help someone. He also cares a lot about his family and friends, usually flying into a blind rage if someone insults his friends. His belief is that while it is ok if someone insults or harms him, if someone insults or harms his family, friends, or loved ones, then the assailant better be within crawling distance of a hospital when Joey gets through with him.


  • Joey is a Dhampir, a being that is the offspring of a human father and a vampire mother. They are known to have all the vampire strengths, and none of the weaknesses, and are suppossedly great at finding and killing vampires.
  • Joey's catchphrase is "Kyu~", a line taken from Wiz, Daisuke/Dark's rabbit like partner in D.N.Angel.
  • Joey is Joey 066's main OC.
  • Joey's last name was taken from Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. This makes sense, as Joey Strife's first RP was a Final Fantasy spin-off.
  • Early in development, Joey was portrayed as a small man, who flew off the handle anytime his size was insulted. This was a tribute to Edward Elric from the FullMetal Alchemist series.
  • Joey's middle name, Ventus, is Latin for "Wind." It is also somewhat of a tribute towards Ventus from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.
  • Joey's character item has been decided to be an MP3 player.
  • Joey has a crush on a few girls, them usually being Jinx or Ibby

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