Izzy Winter

Character Info

Nicknames N/A
Age 19
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Body Type Thin
Hobbies/Interests Reading and studying
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Canon Original Story? {{{Canon Original Story?}}}

Izzy Winter is the eldest child of Sarasue Winter and the sister of Ibby and Nathan. She no longer lives in the house due to being in collage. She is an intelegent and sophisticated woman who is always  reading or studying. She's is very irritable and cynical and the twins irritate her the most. 

She was alive when her mother still fought demons, though she barely remembers it from being so young. But, as much as she will deny it when talking to others, she believes in the supernatural because of this. If her mother handn't deacactivated the blades, they would have gone to her by this point. But Izzy respected her mothers wishes and never touched the blade in her closet. 

She seems to be almost jelous of the twins for mulitple reasons. maybe due to the fact they were babied more or that Ibby developed bigger breasts that her. But the fact that her little sister accidently became the weilder of the blades instead of her sealed the nail in the coffin. She's been bitter about it since.


  • Izzy's name was one of the many temporary names for Ibby.

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