Helga Hagwick
Helga Anime

Character Info

Nicknames Mother, Sister, Aunt
Age 5,000
Species Ghost, Dhampir
Gender Female
Nationality Everything
Height 6'9"
Body Type As skinny as they come
Hobbies/Interests Supernatural, Family, Art
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Canon Original Story? {{{Canon Original Story?}}}

Helga Hagwick is a very old woman who is also a Dhampir. Unlike her sister, Helena, she is a Dhampir who has all the vampire weaknesses and none of the vampire abilities. She also has a daughter named Johanna, a niece named Loren Zo, and a nephew named Lorenzo. Helga is a servant to her sister, but like Loren Zo, she will always think of what the outcome will be of her sister's orders. When not helping Helena, Helga tries to spend time with her mortal daughter. When seeing her daughter Johanna, Helga steals her glasses so she can't tell that she's a ghost. When she leaves, she puts them in a plain sight, usually on the table next to the bed.

Helga used to have a handsome husband named Forest, but Helena cast a spell on him so he would become fat and lazy, causing Helga to break up with him. Helena did this because Helga was getting distracted by him.

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