MMO Farzad

Farzad isn't exactly a hardcore gamer, per se, but he's played his fair share of MMOs. Upon hearing about Ellaina Online, he thought it sounded interesting, so he threw in some spare change to the Kickstarter campaign. His newfound powers and fighting prowess, upon being sucked into the game, are certainly beguiling, but at the same time, he's not interested in living the rest of his life inside a game.

Player Info

  • Username: Farzad25
  • Class: Mercenary (hybrid class between Warrior and Hunter)
  • Skill Level: Regular



  • Slot: Primary Weapon and Secondary Weapon
  • Type: Gunblade

While it may appear to be a simple pistol at first, the Peacemaker also has an extra side barrel from which a sword can be ejected. Capable both as a melee and a ranged weapon, the Peacemaker prepares the user for any combat situation. Its simple red and black design is both stylish and utilitarian.


  • Slot: Eyewear

A supercomputer worn like a monocle over the left eye. For such a small device, it provides incredible utility. Its functions include:

  • Creating a crosshair to assist the user's aim with ranged weapons (use of the crosshair is limited by the user's mana)
  • Highlighting and identifying people, creatures, objects, and other things of interest in the vicinity
  • Calculating the health, mana, body temperature, and status condition of the user, as well as any nearby organisms (in addition to their distance from the user in feet)
  • Measuring the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment
  • Pinpointing the user's current location and precise coordinates

Its user interface resembles that of the Solid Eye's in the video game Metal Gear Solid 4 and Augment Mode in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, with brackets highlighting important items and small boxes of information hovering above the heads of people/creatures:


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