Farzad Mansoor
(Pronunciation: Far-zod Mon-soor)

Character Info

Nicknames Fuzz, Fuzzy, Zaad, Fartzad, Pointynose
Age 19 (as of Feb. 10, 2015)
Species Human
Gender Male
Nationality American
Height 5'7" (at 14)

5'9" (at 19)

Body Type Average
Hobbies/Interests Playing video games, cards, chess, American handball, watching TV, war movies, draw (sometimes), eating, and sleeping.
Status Alive
Canon Original Story? N/A

Farzad Mansoor is a second generation Pakistani American from New York City. His father is the American-born son of two Punjabi Pakistani immigrants, while his mother is an Iranian Pakistani immigrant. For most of his school years, he hung out with Sigrún Hawke, Samson Parker, and Achimeir Fischr. Since moving out for college, he doesn't hang out with them as often as he used to, but he still regularly keeps in touch with them. Currently, he's studying at NYU, majoring in history with a minor in sociology. Someday, he hopes to earn a PhD and become a researcher or a professor.

As he's far-sighted, he sometimes has to wear glasses, especially if he has to read something up close.


From a young age, Farzad has always been a straight A student. Responsible and intelligent, it's easy for him to gain favor with his teachers. While he's well-rounded in most subjects, he's especially good at history; he has a deep personal interest in the subject. It's for this reason that he is aiming for a PhD in history. His talents, however, are purely cerebral; he's only average at sports and often too impatient for arts, music, and other creative pursuits. He did used to like drawing sometimes when he was younger; however, he grew out of it sometime after he was 13.

If there's anything Farzad's just as passionate about as history, it has to be classic rock. He especially has a penchant for hard rock from the seventies, in the style of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. He idolizes John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, and personally considers him the best drummer in history. His reverence for classic rock was instilled into him at a young age by his father. However, it's also given him a distaste for contemporary music (especially when it's synthesized), which others may see as pretentious.

As a person, Farzad is generally pretty honest. In a way, this honest personality is a double-edged sword; he is a loyal and reliable friend, but at the same time, he can also be blunt and insensitive. He also tends to be sarcastic, which in combination with his blunt personality, may sometimes come off as cold and condescending. In most cases, however, he's level-headed and detached, and seldom becomes flustered or emotional. Because of this, it's rare for him to get into arguments. However, when it does happen, he tends to be a bit stubborn about his views.


Physical Traits

Farzad's naturally arched brows and somewhat thicker lower lip create the appearance of a moody pout; this often gives people the impression that he's cranky, even when he's feeling fine. He also has a sharply pointed aquiline nose, and an angular, square jaw to match. His straight, jet black hair is often very short, measuring no longer than two inches. Usually, it's cut the shortest around the sides and temples, growing longer as it ascends to the top of his head (example). Almost as dark as his hair are his eyes, which are almond-shaped and so dark brown that they look almost black in most instances, except in direct light. Because they are incredibly deep-set, his eyes are also often covered with shadows (see Saints Row picture below as an example of this effect). His swarthy, olive-tanned complexion matches with his dark hair and eyes.

Fashion Sense

Most of what Farzad wears is very basic, including hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts, flannel shirts, and not much else. Almost all of his pants are some variant of jeans, save for a few cargo shorts and sweatpants. Colors he usually wears include green, blue, red, gray, or black, but generally he's not very discriminate about the colors he wears, as he also has some yellow, and orange tops. However, he does avoid more traditionally "feminine" colors, like pink or purple. Unless there's some sort of special occasion, Farzad almost always wears the same pair of sneakers everyday. He only buys new sneakers once they break or no longer fit.

Roles in RPs


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