The role Emette has had in role play AUs

Millard High

Original Bio lost/out of date.

Emette started out as the antagonist of the RP but devolved into just a mere annoyance later on. His intention was to start school with his partner, Sherry, and kill everyone inside, as there were rumors there there were supernatural students, whose souls are more valuable than a typical mortal soul. However, plan after plan failed and eventually Emette gave up entirely.

Role play Status: Abandon

Ellaina Online RP

"Emette, being essentially homeless, doesn't get video games often. His only access to a computer is at Sherry's house. Sherry suspected early that there was something abnormal about the game project and decided to make Emette her guinea pig as usual. She donated to the game under has name and then made him be on the computer when it installed. Of course Emette was confused as to why his mission was to play a game, but of course he saw why after he started playing."


Emette, like the others, wound up trapped in the game world. However, he took advantage of the mechanics of the world and started killing people and monsters for fun, knowing death was not permanent in this world. He managed to be the first of the guild to reach level 20. However the main driving force for completing the game is the idea of what Sherry will do to him if he doesn't come back soon.

Emette eventually found his way into the protagonists guild, begrudgingly, as he now has to complete quests with Liz, whom he does not get along with in the slightest. He has also retained his powers from the real world, similar to Liz, however it's unknown if Malice's influence works in the game world.

Role play Status: Ongoing.

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