Drew Howard
Drew Anime

Character Info

Nicknames None
Age 17 (as of Nov. 11, 2011)
Species Human
Gender Male
Nationality American (but is Irish, German, and Spanish)
Height 6'0" (final height)
Body Type Muscular
Hobbies/Interests Music, Gardening, Dogs
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Canon Original Story? {{{Canon Original Story?}}}

Drew Howard is an orphaned teenage boy, but he lives in the luxury of his grandfather's mansion with his sister and cousins' family. His favorite show on television is The Walking Dead and has read all of The Walking Dead graphic novels and plays The Walking Dead video game. He also plays video games such as Battlefield and The Elder Scrolls, just like any other average teenage boy. He used to like games such as Call of Duty, but stopped playing after kids to young to play it over ran Xbox Live. Drew is very protective of his little sister, Jess, because he doesn't want to lose her like he lost their parents. He can get very annoyed and tired of her antics, especially her whole theory of him being homosexual. However, he isn't and will usually have a crush on Megan Müller if they are in the same roleplay. Drew also is a fan of Rock and Rap music and used to want to play the guitar, bt decided to give up on it after a while.


  • He has an odd obsession of playing with his shoe when he is bored.
  • Even though he is technically an orphan, he hates the word.

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