Denni White

Character Info

Nicknames Dini
Age 15
Species Human
Gender Girl
Nationality American
Height 5'0"
Body Type Skinny
Hobbies/Interests Research, judo
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Canon Original Story? {{{Canon Original Story?}}}

Denni is a shy girl, who is pretty mysterious. She lives with her sister Dinah, and they seem to get along well. She smart, and usually when she rarely talks, doesn't think first. She usually gets in fights because of that. She doesn't get along with Missie, and has a crush on Tristan. SHe would do anything for her next research project, and might even blackmail some people.


  • If Denni is around Missie, she usually is less shy, because she hates her.
  • Denni can't swim, though she's not scared of it.
  • Denni's sister is nothing ike her. Instead, she's cheery.

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