Chrys Ann Themum

Character Info

Nicknames Chrys, Chrysanths
Age Most-likely a teenager
Species Fairy
Gender Female
Nationality Plant Fairy
Height No set height
Body Type Very thin
Hobbies/Interests Nature
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Canon Original Story? {{{Canon Original Story?}}}

Chrys Ann Themum is a very proper and beautiful plant fairy; she's even named after a Chrysanthemum, which is a type of flower. She protects and takes care of all sorts of plant life. She makes all of her belongings out of nature, but she makes sure to ask permission from her fellow plant life first. She lacks social skills with other people but has no problem talking to plants. She strongly dislikes it when people call her just "Chrys", but since she is very level-headed she just kindly tells them that she prefers "Chrys Ann". She can change her size at will, which is very useful since she lives in a flower.



  • Despite being named after a chrysanthemum, she lives in a tulip.
  • She has plant cells instead of animal cells, which explains why she is photosynthetic. However, she can eat human food if she really wanted to.
  • When she blushes, the blush is green.

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